Selfie - Motivation Monday

I'm a HUGE fan of 'The Rock' - you know the big bald dude who's always saving the world in big movies...I think he's a branding genius and he's a fucking inspiration. You should follow him on instagram if you don't already. Anyways this morning he released an APP! It's called The Rock Clock and I think you should 'gift' it to yourself. We're calling this kind of a gift a 'selfie'. 


Great question! It's an alarm clock. But there are a few things that make it AWESOME. 


The first is you have to set a goal for yourself. A huge part of The Rock's brand is that he started with nothing and worked his ass off to make ends meet. He had a vision. He had goals. So it makes great sense to wake up to your goal every morning. How great is that to wake up with a reminder of what your aiming to accomplish that day - week - or month?! 


The second part that makes it awesome is that you get to wake up to The Rock's voice. Literally the voice of inspiration has pre-recorded some 'get your ass out of bed' sayings. So much better than the 'beep beep beep'. 

The third part of awesomeness is that he, The Rock, will 'snap chat' you motivational videos! I'm sure you can follow him on Snap Chat - but this video will come straight to your phone first thing in the morning. (and yes I'm aware how creepy I'm starting to sound with my love for The Rock)

The final part - and my favorite - is the option to sync your alarm with The Rocks!!! YES! Fucking awesome. I won't actually be doing this because he often gets up at 4am, but the whole point is he's one of the hardest working public brands out there and you can virtually experience a small part of it. Brilliant. 

Happy Monday indeed!