Baby Gifts

We talked to some of our closest friends that had babies in the last few years to find out what baby gifts rocked their worlds. Here is what they shared with us...(we've got links at the bottom of this post for you to buy!)

Cute & Fuzzy

Zutano booties because they are the best shoes for little feet, but something that seemed silly and a bit expensive to me to buy for a getting them as a gift was the best! I loved putting them on the kids everyday!

Practical Gifts for those REAL life moments

Nose Frida to get snot out of kids noses. A must have for new parents and we were surprised by how many people like to buy it for others.

A mom made us a baby first aid basket full of the things you need in the middle of the night: gas drops, infant tylenol, teethers and a few other things we didn't think of buying ahead of time. This is a great idea that presented in a nice gift basket is a fun gift to receive. Cause opening up a bottle of gas drops doesn't always send the right message... ;)

Baby k'tan- we didn't use this at first but now it's amazing. It packs small and light and is incredibly easy to use. We bring it EVERYWHERE and our baby is snug-as-a bug-in-a-rug in it. Sleeping comfy baby = happy relaxed parents. 

Gifts For Your Sanity

Munchery gift card you don't have time to get dressed, so making a meal is a joke.  This allowed us to not feel guilty and have a delicious meal delivered - so helpful.

Bouncy ball - no one got us this but we were told to get it and it's been a life saver. We use it all the time to sit and 'rock' our baby because we are often to tired to walk around and rock him. And it's fun to bounce around on and watch our little one make fun faces. 

Future Gifts

Things that weren't for babies, but were for toddlers or older kids. Gifts are often so focused on the infant stage, but that is not very long.  Finger paints, puzzles, and even books for older kids have come in so handy because we already had it in our house!

Because books are one of our FAVORITE gifts

Hands down the best books to learn about your baby's development. These books - and there are enough to cover their development beyond babies - give you tools and information to understand and make the most out of shaping your tiny human into the best version of themselves that you can influence. 

Here is where you can buy some of these awesome baby gifts

Special thanks to my mom friends that helped identify these great gifts: Liz, Kate, & Eliza.