What is a gift?

We asked our friends what a gift means to them. These are there answers.



Gift giving is one of the few ways our culture communicates love or another emotion to the people we care about. Some scientists have even named it one of our 5 Languages of Love. I think it's fair to say that gifts are pretty fucking important. A good friend of mine once said,

"Gifts are a currency for our relationships".
-A friend of Cynthia's

As gifts are a currency for our relationships, gifts should be thoughtful and planned. What does your gift say? Giving a gift is equally important to the gift giver as it is to the gift getter (like that?...gift getter, I think it sounds better than 'receiver'); the reaction that someone has when opening a gift is an important emotional exchange and can either bring people closer or create distance. You ever opened a gift and felt, "WTF...does he even know who I am?!?!!?". Yeah, it's bad. 

Point being it's really fucking important to give an awesome gift. Also, I'm (that's me in the pic above) kinda obsessed with gift giving so it's my intention to congregate awesome gifts and present in a way that can inspire your gift giving.